About PantySalad

PantySalad.com was started in 2007 in Grass Valley, California with the vision of a single place to go for hundreds of kinds of panties. From the beginning, the plan was always to have a huge selection from many brands. Buy them at wholesale, sell them at a competitive price where we could buy more, and expand. Occasionally do some advertising and give-aways.


EBay costs were prohibitive and it did not allow for easy categorization of bikinis, briefs, string bikinis, silk, cotton, bamboo, modal fabrics and more.  PDShop has been used for PantySalad.com since 2007 but in 2017, with over 9000 different kinds and colors in stock, it became clear that we needed something more powerful.


In 2015, an iPhone app was built. It has been working great and lets the user see the same photos by rotating the panties with their finger. It has an easy-to-use shopping cart, a fun panty game, and a very cool search feature to help people find exactly what they’re looking for.


In 2016, we gave PantySalad.com and facelift but didn’t want to toss it out completely. We started experimenting with different web site platforms such as Magento, Shopify, OSCommerce, and more.  We chose WooCommerce hosted on WPEngine.com because of its excellent search capabilities.


Now located in Toronto Canada, PantySalad has the original site (called PantySalad Classic), this site running WooCommerce, and the iOS app with more plans in the works!  Income from sales will continue to be used to buy more and expand. Most of our sales are to the USA, so we will be exploring brands not easily found in the USA. Focus will be on brands from France, Italy, the UK, Brazil, and Colombia.


Company motto

“Do no evil”



All packages are shipped from a central location in Toronto Canada in a plain-wrap envelope.  If Customs Forms are needed, we use the description “Clothing” and we put the value of the package very low to avoid any Customs Fees.


Most orders ship with a free gift while supplies last!



In the event of a complaint, returns will be accepted if necessary. Please use the contact form first to see if the matter can be resolved. Any panty returned will NOT be re-sold as new. It will be discarded, or donated to a charity. We wouldn’t want to pay good money to receive a used panty, and don’t think you would buy from a store that sells used panties…